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Still Can't Understand, What Went Wrong

Sometimes someone enter our life and become a important part of it and when we turn back to see from where that person came we find we have never invited him/her !! This stranger first makes us feel special by filling in all the small emptiness that was there in our life thus slowly he/she gains our importance and one day also manages to get the keys and become owner of our heart..!! He/She was so becomes special to us that we never expect him/her to leave but then one day... he/she starts ignoring us and we fail to understand what went wrong.... He/She leaves without letting us know our mistake :'(

Here is a poem written by Tanushree Sharma who has lived the story that i was narrating to you right now. She has sent this poem to stolen moments to be published on 29th December as on this date her love who was a stranger and then her friend proposed her. Something went wrong and he left leaving her alone and today he don't care for her feelings and don't even speaks with her. Tanushree is also trying to forget him, she believes time will heal the injury that her heart has received !! ~ Nishant Gunjan

Still Can't Understand, What Went Wrong

When we met, was it right or wrong
Why at this point of time we are not along
Being with you was the best part of my life,
But now you seem to be out of my sight.

You don't know how much i remember you,
But at times i think is the same also with you.
Why god made us fall for each other,
when there was no future set for us together.

You know i loved you and forever i will do,
but then i think is this the same also with you.
will you find someone else and forget me,
and this love that made "you" and "me", "we"

Time Passed they separated and poem continued.............

Now when i am all alone, i always think about you,
Recalling old memories is the only thing that i can do.
Now i know the time which left will never come back,
But there is hope in my heart which i think will never lack.

may be its destiny and we were not made for each other,
but i will not be able to erase you from my heart either.
I wish time to heal everything,
your thoughts, your memories, there will be nothing !!

-- The End --

Friends You have always liked and shared the poems
written by people with broken heart and given them reasons to smile
Thanks for understanding that there is only one cure for broken heart and that is "LOVE"

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Poem Written By: Tanushree Sharma

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