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SOMEONE ..and that is GOD

About This Poem:

I have written this poem when i was in Std 11, During that time i did not believe on god but still when in trouble, When I used to find all the door closed, For help i used to look for him. I also remember that if i used to find someone speaking in favor of god i used to speak against them win the debate but after winning it i also used to warn my self saying "Nishant, if god is actually not there then you are safe but what if he exists..". whenever this thought came to my mind i asked sorry from that Someone.. 

One night when i was very sad because i have not prepared well for my chemistry exams i have written this poem on my personal diary. yes, writing this poem has not helped me pass my chemistry exam but it made me recognized as poet among many. This was my first poem that was published in newspaper and latter on in many college and school magazines :)

SOMEONE ...And that is GOD

Mother, father, brother, friend and Wife
 are the five important partners of life.
But other then them there is also someone

 whom I find always close to me. 

He helps me when I am in trouble,
he give me strength to fight them all.
he corrects me when I am wrong,
he guides me towards my goal. 

someone is there whom I have not seen,
but feel he is part of my soul.
Someone is there from whom I am scared,
But i also love him the most. 

My Parents say's that this someone is God.
So I daily visit temple to Prey.
Unknown Let me see you once,
let me know what makes you so Great. 

Sometime I believe on you,
Sometime I don't.
sometimes you appear true,
and sometime you appear false. 

Why don't you come in front of your son..
why don't you face the one...
the one who truly loves you most.

by Nishant Gunjan

I am sure i was not the only one who was so much confused about existence of god If you try to find you will also find such stolen moments were you was in my situation Friend please CLICK THIS and Recommend this poem to others !

Your one CLICK will be my Reward and i will continue to write more :)