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Now I Know My Mom Was Right

Now I Know My Mom Was Right

When we love someone everything about him/her appears to be nice.. that person is always special to us !! Mother is the one who loves us most and that is why when we are kid our mom makes us feel so special !! When we grow up a Stranger knocks the door of our heart to give us the same feeling.. He/She makes us Feel Special and becomes part of our life !! 

Read this article written by Srinidhi Vn, she has very nicely narrated the role of her mother and her love in proving to her that she is SPECIAL :)

When I was a child and was trying to know this world, 
My Mother always used to tell me that 
I am  a special creature of God that she had ever seen. 
At the beginning I used to be happy when she said that
 as i believed my mother is always correct :) !! 

But then when I started going to school
 I realized that there are so many creatures of God
 who are special to somebody,
 I realized hope i was only special to my mother
 like all other children are to there parents :( !!
 So this idea of special creature went off my mind :'( !

And then Oneday I saw you for the first time 
I felt from inner part of my heart that you are something like "Special"...

The way you used to talk..

The way you used to blink eyes...

The way you used to cry at little things...

The way you used to curve your little lips...

All made me to feel you as special...

And now when I've lost myself in your arms
 I really feel my mom was right... that I AM REALLY SPECIAL...!

Otherwise how could someone as special as you
 would love me more than anything else in this world...

I Love you for proving my mom right..
 I Love you for making me special with your presence....

-- The End --

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