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Mother, You Don't Really Love Me :'(

On 4th December a 14 year old Girl named Ria sent a small letter and a poem as email to the email address published on Stolen Moments Website "Write2StolenMoments@gmail.comand Asked Us to Publish it so that it reaches her mother too and she too can read and know that  what her daughter feels for her .. Find the content of the heart melting letter and the poem below !!


I am only a 14 year old girl, my name is Ria. This poem describes how hard it was for me when I was little growing up without a mom. She left my father, four brothers, and when I was only 2 years old. Being I was young, I didn't remember her and just assumed that everybody only had a dad. I quickly learned this wasn't true, and realized that my brother's "made up stories" about our alcoholic, cheating mother were true. I also learned that if she loved me, she never would have left.

• » Mother, You Don't Really Love Me « •

You left when I was only two,
Daddy had no idea what to do.
You never turned to say bye,
If you had, you would have seen Daddy cry.

I forgot all about you as I grew,
And Daddy mentioned you few and few.
I went to school and became distressed,
The first day I came home a mess.

Being when you left I was small,
I couldn't remember you at all.
I thought that I just didn't have a Mommy,
Until a new kid saw me.

She asked about my Daddy,
I said he was nice.
She asked about my Mommy,
And I froze like a ice.

I then asked, "What's a Mommy?",
And she let out a laugh.
"A Mommy is a person that loves you,
And makes you take a bath."

I told her I didn't have one,
She looked at me sad.
"Of course you have one silly!
She's the girl version of Daddy!"

I stared at her for quite a while,
But couldn't get myself to smile.
A few tears slid down my face,
"Wait! Don't cry! Why don't we have a race!"
I shook my head and walked away,
And I will always remember that day.

The day I felt my most crummy,
Is the day I realized my Mommy didn't love me.
For if she did, she would have stayed.
Each day I always prayed.

She would quit her cheating,
And cut back on the beers.
I wanted her close,
As I looked at my peers.

I wanted my Mommy back,
Even if she didn't love me.
I wanted my Mommy right then,
Just so she could hug me :'(

Thanks for reading this poem that was sent to us by Ria,
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