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"Love" - What I Thought And What It Was

"Love" - What I Thought And What It Was
You Can Relate Every Word Of This Article With Your Life

When i have not experienced love it was just a beautiful feeling for me, "Falling In Love" was the most attractive line in this world for me... i was not too good in understanding those love stories and movies but the only thing that i user to remember is "happy ending" and thus i always believed that every love story has a happy ending !! Now i know unfortunately that was not the correct picture of Love !

Earlier i thought that color of love is Red because Love is born in heart and color of heart is red which represents Love!! but now i know Love represents the color of blood which flows out, when the broken heart bleeds.. In fact i will suggest that color of Love should be white as it has brought tears in many eyes !!

Have you ever thought if  the truth of love is so painful why love stories and movies talked only about its beautiful side, have you ever thought why every love story ended with a smile.. its only because stories are written to be sold, movies are made to make money... now You tell me friend who will pay and buy a reality, reality is available for free.. Friend reality of love can be seen on eyes of any one who is carrying a broken heart, reality can be read on last page of local news papers where everyday you can find one suicide because of a break up !! Yes, dreams are only sold and you may not have realized this that in our dreams we are always the hero and so the one who is selling us these dreams as love stories and movies makes sure that the hero wins at end of the story !! So now you know from where came concept of making "LOVE STORY"  with "HAPPY ENDING"

"What is Love" this was not taught to me in the school thus when i was growing up, for me love was as beautiful as it was written in stories and shown in films ! when i know a dog can bite i will be careful even if its cute and sweet... but as i was not told that Love can break heart, ruin my life and push me in dark... i never stopped myself from falling in it... and i continued to make mistake of watching dreams... dream of living together with her for life, facing all hurdles, struggling against the world with a believe that at the end everything will be fine :) !!

Do i really need to tell you that like every lover even i was a fool, all my dreams was broken and only a bleeding scar was left in my heart and this scar increases in length every time i see her in arms of someone else :'( As every packet of smoke comes with a warning "Don't Smoke Its Injurious To Health"  similarly ever book of love story and every movie with "happy ending" must also come with a warning that "Love Always Has a happy ending but only in stories and Films, WARNING don't try it in your real life" 

Being owner of this Site Stolen Moments i give you words that I will never fake you things about love that is beautiful but not true. Yes i know reality is not sold but still i can not make you see those dreams for which you will have to pay all your life :'( 

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Happy Ending


Article Truth About Love Written By Nishant Gunjan