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Let Us Be Together !

Let Us Be Together !

What am I doing here? Where have I come from? Where do I have to go? I seee no one by my side, I see no one when I look behind. Every road is saying NO to me, the word "destination" is out of my life`s dictionary, GOD, witnessing this moment is the worst you could for me, why do you always reward me with the things I don`t want,  why do you never care for my heart and its desires, I have long forgotten about the things that I don`t deserve but I have done at least enough for what I really want or is it just a game for you? well, this game has been one sided for very long now, I request you to leave the thought of winning every time. Don`t take away what I have or else take me away first. 

The gaps between my fingers have been vacant for too long now, its been too long since I saw the eyes that could show the real ME, I have also forgotten what its like to be me. I don`t see the light any more, just a dark road leading to a limbo, this emptyness is eating me away. You have never been kind to me, but I will be, by telling you the only possible answer that might keep me going. 

There was a voice that always told me that I am special even when I knew I am not, there was a hand that could guide me through the drakest of the despair islands you could ever create, there was a smile which made me felt how beautiful place this world is, there were eyes that made me craving to live another life, even the thought of her used to bring order out of chaos in my messed up life, with her I could be exactly as you (GOD) made me, she is no less than a divine intervention into my life, you brought her into my life and it turned upside down, I started believing; in YOU, in me, in love, and in life.I have heard that a broken heart makes noices to shatter almost anything, don`t take me to that bridge which I inevitably have to cross and jumping off might seem a better option.

Its not too late, its not too much to ask. Hearts were broken, harsh lessons learned, and I promise I would die a thousand times just to have one moment with her, I love her with every drop of my blood and my every breath has her name written on it, it would be a shame to let the most beautiful thing that you have created to see its death: LOVE. I am sorry that I love her more than you but I can`t help it, I can promise you one thing that its the most honest prayer that you would ever hear, "LET US BE TOGETHER".


Written By: Prateek Singh
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