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Innocent Childhood Love

Love was so innocent when we were kids, read a small article today which has made me recall of all the cute stupid things i did when i started liking a girl of 5th standard when i was in 4th hee hee !!

Do you know friends School was just a kelometer away from home but i injured my knees so that my parents let me go on a van, the same van in which she used to go to the school, also how can i forget Getting scolded by teacher for keeping my eyes open to look at her preety face during prayers of the school. Read this article and recall stolen moments of your childhood love

His Innocent Love

A Boy Never Does Homework In Class 

To Get Punishment Of Bending 

...On His Knees; 
In Front Of 'Her' Bench 
Just To See Her For Whole Period...  

Gets Scoldings From His Parents; 
Coz He Reaches Late Everyday, 
Just To Ensure That She Has Reached 
Home Safely Or Not... ♥ 

Skips His Lunch 
& Pretends To Be Studying In 
The Interval; 
Just To See Her Eating The Food... =) 

Walks By Foot To The Home Instead 
Of Taking A Bus; 
Just To Save Money To Buy 
Chocolates For Her.." =)

-- The End --

I am sure after reading this you must be recalling you childhood love !! Friends now when i have grown up and try looking back towards few of my friends childhood story then i conclude that every boy's first crush is one of his school teacher :) !! Why should i lie to you even i had crush on one of my school teacher, during her class i wanted to sit in the first row so every time in her class i used to make excuse that something is wrong with my eyes and i cannot see the black board from the last bench :) !! 

Childhood love was really innocent and i still carry the same picture of love in my heart... If any love story that does not fit that frame, i will not call it "LOVE" !!

Thanks for Reading