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I Know How It Feels!

She never expected him in her life but he pushed the door and entered inside.. he first gave her memories of life time and then injured her heart and left her to die ! The pain he gave her she only knows.. he has found someone else and now enjoying his life !

Friends this is the debut poem of the new author of Stolen Moments Deepti Radcliffe, In this poem she has narrated her pain after being left alone by that stranger who planted love in her heart and left when it was his turn to water it !! now that plant has grown thorns and its hurting her inside - Nishant Gunjan

I Know How It Feels!

I know how it feels when you loose someone so close, 
I know what is means when you loose someone you adore,
 It feels like the night without all the stars.. 
It feels like my life is of little hours..

I know how it feels when people misunderstand you,
I know how it feels when someone no more trusts you,

And yes I know how it feels when someone
 suddenly stops talking to you :'(

And I know how it feels when someone
 always find excuses to avoid you..

For all those things I devoted to you
 It feels like everything has come to an end,

I feel like I have been demoted
 from being a close to just being a friend.

I know how it feels when someone 
so close starts ignoring you,
I know how it feels when you love someone 
and that someone try's to escape You :'(

I know how it feels when people take you for granted,
 I know how it feel when someone betrays you,
 It feels like I'm left all alone even my shadow has left the ground...
 I feel like I'm left with groan now even they don't make a sound...

[ )': ] The End  [ :'( ]

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                                              Poem Written By : Deepti Radcliffe