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I can't explain what is It

I can't explain what is It

What is this feeling? Is it something bad?
What am I thinking? Is it only for me?
I don't know hw it started,
I don't know hw it will end,
But I know i like it,
And I know where it is.

Am I going crazy? Or it's just a dream?
Do I need to do something? 

Or wait in silence?
Every day it keep growing and growing,
Now I can't stop my feeling for it,
But I know, it keeps me happy,
But sometimes it let me down.

I love to keep this feeling,
I love to keep thinking,
It is located in my heart,
And I'm not going nuts.

I don't want to wake up from this dream,
And I don't want to end with tears,
It is something inside my soul,
And I can't explain what is it.


Written By: Manoj Fernando
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