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How Can I Let Her Die ♥

 It's Stolen Moment From My life..

She Used To Tell me "If you leave me i will Die" And i used to tell her "I give you words i will never leave you, if someone will leave she will be you and if you don't leave our relation will survive for life"

After 5 Years of relationship she proved me true, She left me for someone and said "Now i love him more then You". She broke my heart and never thought about my tears. I said "Good Bye" but continued to love her !!

Two Years have crossed and i still love her and she is there with me in my memories. I have still not left her because i remember her words "If you leave me i will Die".. I Agree that she broke my heart but you tell me how can i let her Die .. 

" Love is not about loving someone till you are together.. Its about loving Him or Her Forever ..."

Written Lived By Nishant Gunjan