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Grand Mother, I Still Have You

Everyone of us has a special place for our grand mother in our heart, few of us are unlucky as we have never seen our grand mother as we lost them before our birth. This poem is written by Harsh Desai after he lost his grand mother. Read this poem and you will know how attached he was to his grand mother.. He loves her so much that he still finds her close to him and is working hard to make her dreams come true :)

Grand Mother, I Still Have You

You know what??

I can feel you around..
You are not here but i can feel u around..!!


I feel your blue, cold eyes looking at me from somewhere ..!!

I feel your velvet touch on my head..
Blessing me to do and to dare...!!

But i am so unlucky.. I cant see you around..!!

I bow down low and i feel your feet.. 
The place were i wouldn't have mind spending my life..!!

I can feel your slowing breath.. 
And the Mouth getting dry..!

But I am soo unlucky.. I cant see you around..!

I know you waited with your hands outstretched.. 
To hug your grandson tight..!!

I know you are waiting  to see me a succesful guy..
Yes, I know you wanted this and thus i will try..!

But I am soo unlucky.. I cant see you around..!

I will always regret not to hear your voice before you went..
I will always regret of not to be there when you said the long goodbye..!!

But now i smile.. smile because i know.. 
you will always be here.. close and near..!!

I promise.. 
Promise To do what you wanted me to do..
Your blessings will play the magic and make my life ..!!

Poem Written By: Harsh Desai

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