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Story Of An Idiot Who Has Fallen In Love

A Sweet Story Of a Girl And A Boy....

Girl's Version
First Day :I saw an idiot sleeping on the front bench..
Second Day:Saw the same idiot getting punished
Third Day:He was fighting with a boy..uhh..idiot
Fourth Day :I couldn't find him...Where is he...

Boy's Version
First day :When i opened my eyes...I saw her...her smile..WoW
Second day :I got punished so that i could see her all the while..
Third Day :A boy said something bad about her and i failed to control my anger..
Fourth Day :I was sitting on the last bench..
'n she turned to find me...
Yes, she Saw me and We smiled..:)

For this girl this boy is just an Idiot but who will tell her that this Idiot Love's her and thinks that even she is also falling in love with him. After reading this story you will know two things about love, 1st part of the story tells us that when we don't expect love from someone we fail to see it even if its in front of us and the second part of the story says when we love someone we get lot of illusion which encourages us to continue loving the person who actually don't love us :'( !! 

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REMEMBER: Always Keep The Promises Made In Love

People make promises when they fall in relationship. But in the end, they prove all their promises false and leave their partner with no option other than to LET THINGS GO the way they are going.. Before making any promise in relationship, Before planting dreams in her eyes, do think twice after reading this poem "Remember" written by me - Snigdha Singh


The times we loved to meet;
You Promised to bring the world at my feet;
Hours we craved for one sight;
Restlessness we felt after every fight..

You promised to show me the sky;
And walk till eternity without a lie;
You promised, when problems surround;
You'll put your arms around..

When you looked into my eyes;
Said "I love u"and heard my cries;
When you walked with me & showed a new ray;
Held my hands and didn't let me go away..

You said, you'd make me proud;
Nothing in the world make's me cry aloud;
You said, you were fine;
And those words left me on cloud 9..

Time Crossed He Changed But Still I want Him To Remember..

You have me till the moment i die;
If you don't leave me when i cry;
Please come, and let me fly;

Poem Written By Snigdha Singh

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Still Can't Understand, What Went Wrong

Sometimes someone enter our life and become a important part of it and when we turn back to see from where that person came we find we have never invited him/her !! This stranger first makes us feel special by filling in all the small emptiness that was there in our life thus slowly he/she gains our importance and one day also manages to get the keys and become owner of our heart..!! He/She was so becomes special to us that we never expect him/her to leave but then one day... he/she starts ignoring us and we fail to understand what went wrong.... He/She leaves without letting us know our mistake :'(

Here is a poem written by Tanushree Sharma who has lived the story that i was narrating to you right now. She has sent this poem to stolen moments to be published on 29th December as on this date her love who was a stranger and then her friend proposed her. Something went wrong and he left leaving her alone and today he don't care for her feelings and don't even speaks with her. Tanushree is also trying to forget him, she believes time will heal the injury that her heart has received !! ~ Nishant Gunjan

Still Can't Understand, What Went Wrong

When we met, was it right or wrong
Why at this point of time we are not along
Being with you was the best part of my life,
But now you seem to be out of my sight.

You don't know how much i remember you,
But at times i think is the same also with you.
Why god made us fall for each other,
when there was no future set for us together.

You know i loved you and forever i will do,
but then i think is this the same also with you.
will you find someone else and forget me,
and this love that made "you" and "me", "we"

Time Passed they separated and poem continued.............

Now when i am all alone, i always think about you,
Recalling old memories is the only thing that i can do.
Now i know the time which left will never come back,
But there is hope in my heart which i think will never lack.

may be its destiny and we were not made for each other,
but i will not be able to erase you from my heart either.
I wish time to heal everything,
your thoughts, your memories, there will be nothing !!

-- The End --

Friends You have always liked and shared the poems
written by people with broken heart and given them reasons to smile
Thanks for understanding that there is only one cure for broken heart and that is "LOVE"

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Poem Written By: Tanushree Sharma

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Grand Mother, I Still Have You

Everyone of us has a special place for our grand mother in our heart, few of us are unlucky as we have never seen our grand mother as we lost them before our birth. This poem is written by Harsh Desai after he lost his grand mother. Read this poem and you will know how attached he was to his grand mother.. He loves her so much that he still finds her close to him and is working hard to make her dreams come true :)

Grand Mother, I Still Have You

You know what??

I can feel you around..
You are not here but i can feel u around..!!


I feel your blue, cold eyes looking at me from somewhere ..!!

I feel your velvet touch on my head..
Blessing me to do and to dare...!!

But i am so unlucky.. I cant see you around..!!

I bow down low and i feel your feet.. 
The place were i wouldn't have mind spending my life..!!

I can feel your slowing breath.. 
And the Mouth getting dry..!

But I am soo unlucky.. I cant see you around..!

I know you waited with your hands outstretched.. 
To hug your grandson tight..!!

I know you are waiting  to see me a succesful guy..
Yes, I know you wanted this and thus i will try..!

But I am soo unlucky.. I cant see you around..!

I will always regret not to hear your voice before you went..
I will always regret of not to be there when you said the long goodbye..!!

But now i smile.. smile because i know.. 
you will always be here.. close and near..!!

I promise.. 
Promise To do what you wanted me to do..
Your blessings will play the magic and make my life ..!!

Poem Written By: Harsh Desai

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Why No Punishment To The One Who Has Broken Your Heart

Everyone of us is carrying a Broken Heart, Most of us has been cheated in Love. Strange is the Rule of this Love Game the one who cheats is the winner and the one who is loyal suffers all Life. For whom love was just a word moves out with smile and the one who was dedicated is left crying ! 

"He proposed me i said him yes, we exchanged numbers and then next few weeks we spent great time. Now he has found someone else and has forwarded my number to his friends.He has not only moved out but he has also ruined my life" this was written in a email that i received last week, she was expecting me to do something for her.. I replied her with some tips"Ignore the person who cheated you, you will only be happy if you move on.. every girl has a secret admirer, its time for you to search him and start living a new life."

 I am not sure if she will be able to do this, because even i tried it once in my life,"moving on" surely works during day but "i have been cheated" this feeling haunts in lonely night. Friends Love is the only cure for love but the problem is this that the one who injured can only be the doctor. This medicine of broken heart is available with everyone but this injury will not heal until you get this love drug from the one who stays deep in your heart.

Sometime after listening to these stories of broken relationship and cheating, i feel like raising voice to declare "breaking heart" as crime but then when i try to analyse that who is wrong and who is responsible i find they are no one else but we.yes we are the one who is responsible for our pain.. boys, don't we flirt with a girl who is already committed, if she agrees to leave his love for you will you not run away with her. Girls, don't you start giving positive signals to guy who is your friends boyfriend but interact with you most of the time. when we don't care for someone's heart why tomorrow someone will think about you !! 

I have concluded that nothing can be done as its human nature, your love is only secure if "Trust" is not the only factor controlling it there must be "insecurity" and "doubts". I know i am saying something that was never told but what has been told so far has helped no one. If someone has already left you before you read this article then for you i have a different suggestion.. i know you are still trying to get him/her back who has already moved on but have you ever thought if he/she comes back he/she will still break another heart ?? Please understand "Pain" and "Loneliness" is the last part of love, after eating fruit if only seeds are left, please don't cry holding them in hand. Plant them and begin a new life make them grow and they will become base of new relationship.

Written By Nishant Gunjan

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Definition Of True Love ♥

Love is like magic
And it always will be.
For love still remains
Life's sweet mystery!!
Love works in ways
That are wondrous and strange
And there's nothing in life
That love cannot change!!

Love can transform
The most commonplace
Into beauty and splendor
And sweetness and grace.
Love is unselfish,
Understanding and kind,
For it sees with its heart
And not with its mind!!

Love is the answer
That everyone seeks...
Love is the language,
That every heart speaks.
Love can't be bought,
It is priceless and free,
Love, like pure magic,
Is life's sweet mystery!!

-- The End --

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We Grew Up Together And We Will Always Remain Friends

We Grew Up Together And We Will Always Remain Friends

We grew up together,

Little kids learning through each other

We believed everything

And we could build everything

We fought to keep living,

We fought to keep believing.

But life cruelly drew us out

And though we fought,

We still got terribly hurt,

We still got lost.

We lost our faith

And we held on to blind fate.

We lost our imagination,

And were filled with frustration

But we still have each other

And we hold on to one another

We treasure what counts

And discard those things that don’t

We press on, we have hope.

You have me, I have you.

Friends, friends, friends

Friends till the very end.


Poem Written By Ore Fatima Matemilola
(Email Address:

A Stranger Yet A Friend (Dedicated To Stolen Moments)

On 1st December i decided that Stolen Moments will not only publish article written by me but it will also publish articles written by other Fans of Stolen moments on Facebook, I received multiple poems and we published few of them which appeared to be interesting and original.. But i received a very unique request from one of the Stolen Moments Fan Nikita, she asked her to publish one of her poem "Can't Express My Love For Him" to be published on 24th December as it was her anniversary.. it was the day when she saw him first time and no doubt the poem was also dedicated to him. After reading that poem a drop of tear rolled down from my eyes. I published that poem with 27 different pictures to make the readers feel the situation described by Nikita. Poem scored 500+ Likes in a day and 11,000 people read it !! They were able to feel her pain and by evening of 24th i was able to make out after reading everyone's comment that i was not the only person who cried :)

Stolen Moments: Can't Express My Love For Him

Today Nikita has sent us a poem and its dedicated to me and Stolen Moments, Posting it for you to read hope you will like it.. Thanks Nikita and Everyone who love Stolen Moments and Like and Share Its Post on Facebook With There Friends :)

A Stranger Yet A Friend

Sometimes why is it so strange when You smile,
Even if don't know the reasons which made you laugh in a while...
One of the examples of such a kind,
Has just striked my mind...
For me its the Love from Stolen Moment,
And these lines just came from my Heart to thank Mr. Nishant on this special moment...
Few days back i was in a confusion,
As to what will I do alone on this special occasion...
But suddenly from somewhere came Mr. Nishant,
As if it was the result of our secret chant...
You Stolen Moments has become our friend,
Coz you don't really change with the changing trend...
I am really overwhelmed with your sweet And lovely whisper,
You made my day and made me feel special with your gesture...
I was quite positive that my love will be back,
But today with all your lovely wishes I m so very sure to regain it all in a flash...
Can't write much as I m not a very good poet or writer,
But just couldn't stop myself to write above lines on this matter...
Love You Stolen Moments for always being there,
Wish You Lots of luck & happiness in the coming year...

With Lots of Love
Nikita... :-)

Let Us Be Together !

Let Us Be Together !

What am I doing here? Where have I come from? Where do I have to go? I seee no one by my side, I see no one when I look behind. Every road is saying NO to me, the word "destination" is out of my life`s dictionary, GOD, witnessing this moment is the worst you could for me, why do you always reward me with the things I don`t want,  why do you never care for my heart and its desires, I have long forgotten about the things that I don`t deserve but I have done at least enough for what I really want or is it just a game for you? well, this game has been one sided for very long now, I request you to leave the thought of winning every time. Don`t take away what I have or else take me away first. 

The gaps between my fingers have been vacant for too long now, its been too long since I saw the eyes that could show the real ME, I have also forgotten what its like to be me. I don`t see the light any more, just a dark road leading to a limbo, this emptyness is eating me away. You have never been kind to me, but I will be, by telling you the only possible answer that might keep me going. 

There was a voice that always told me that I am special even when I knew I am not, there was a hand that could guide me through the drakest of the despair islands you could ever create, there was a smile which made me felt how beautiful place this world is, there were eyes that made me craving to live another life, even the thought of her used to bring order out of chaos in my messed up life, with her I could be exactly as you (GOD) made me, she is no less than a divine intervention into my life, you brought her into my life and it turned upside down, I started believing; in YOU, in me, in love, and in life.I have heard that a broken heart makes noices to shatter almost anything, don`t take me to that bridge which I inevitably have to cross and jumping off might seem a better option.

Its not too late, its not too much to ask. Hearts were broken, harsh lessons learned, and I promise I would die a thousand times just to have one moment with her, I love her with every drop of my blood and my every breath has her name written on it, it would be a shame to let the most beautiful thing that you have created to see its death: LOVE. I am sorry that I love her more than you but I can`t help it, I can promise you one thing that its the most honest prayer that you would ever hear, "LET US BE TOGETHER".


Written By: Prateek Singh
(Email Address:

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I can't explain what is It

I can't explain what is It

What is this feeling? Is it something bad?
What am I thinking? Is it only for me?
I don't know hw it started,
I don't know hw it will end,
But I know i like it,
And I know where it is.

Am I going crazy? Or it's just a dream?
Do I need to do something? 

Or wait in silence?
Every day it keep growing and growing,
Now I can't stop my feeling for it,
But I know, it keeps me happy,
But sometimes it let me down.

I love to keep this feeling,
I love to keep thinking,
It is located in my heart,
And I'm not going nuts.

I don't want to wake up from this dream,
And I don't want to end with tears,
It is something inside my soul,
And I can't explain what is it.


Written By: Manoj Fernando
(Email Address:

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Why It's So Important To Say "I Love You"

When we love someone and we want to make him/her part of our life, we propose by saying "I Love You".. So Saying "I Love You" as a proposal is justified but have you ever thought that why it is important to say  "I Love You" when you are already in a relationship and you know that your partner knows that you Love him/her.. Read This Small Story That Stolen Moments Is Sharing With You And You Will Get An Answer... It's Story of a Couple who were together from childhood :)

When U Were Only 5 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...
U Asked Me: "What Is It?"
When U Were 15 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U....
U Blushed.. U Look Down And Smile..
When U Were 20 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U....
U Put Ur Head On My Shoulder And Hold My Hand.. Afraid That I Might Disappear..
When U Were 25 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U....
U Prepare Breakfast And Serve It In Front Of Me, And Kiss My Forehead N
Said : "U Better Be Quick, Is’s Gonna Be Late.."
When U Were 30 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U....
U Said: "If U Really Love Me, Please Come Back Early After Work.."
When U Were 40 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U....
U Were Cleaning The Dining Table And Said: "Ok Dear, But It’s Time For U To Help Our Child With His/Her Revision.."
When U Were 50 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U....
U Were Knitting And U Laugh At Me..
When U Were 60 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U....
U Smile At Me..
When U Were 70 Yrs Old. I Said I Love U....
We Sitting On The Rocking Chair With Our Glasses On.. I’m Reading Your Love Letter That U Sent To Me 50 Yrs Ago..With Our Hand Crossing Together..
When U Were 80 Yrs Old, U Said U Love Me!
I Didn’t Say Anything But Cried.

We may not express it but when we say "I Love You" we want our partner also to say the same... there are many ways of expressing love but nothing can play the same magic that these 3 words can play when said in return ♥ ♥

Click On "SHARE" And The One You Love will say you 

"I Love You" Today Without U Asking For it :)

"Share" Please !! Don't Ignore If You Ever loved Someone


Can't Express My Love For Him (Poem Defining True Love)

On 24th December was Her Anniversary, That was The Day When She Saw Him First Time !! Everyone Has Different Ways Of Celebrating This Special Day And She Selected To Celebrate It By Getting Her Poem Published On Stolen Moments, He was not with her that day So She Decided To Celebrate it Alone By Sharing Her Pain With You All By Narrating Her Love Story As A Poem "Can't Express My Love For Him". 

If You Are not A poet, you can still write a beautiful poem if you carry that pain of missing your love in your heart, I will not disclose anything that is written in this poem Story so that you loose the interest but i will like to tell you Nikita sent her poem to us and asked us to publish it on this special day of her life 24th December. She loves Robin a Lot and you will too know it after reading her story !!


Can't Express My Love For Him

Its my story and I don't know how to write,
Never thought it would be so difficult to describe my life...
A simple girl living with simple trends,
With Love nothing more than family and friends...

Let me go Six yrs back,
And unfold the memories assembled in racks...
First time I saw him I felt something nice,
Didn't bother to know the reason behind...

Soon i realized a pair of eyes
looking at me from a distant site,
And i didn't know it was Love at first site...
Everything was strange,
We kept looking at each other with an amazing gaze...

Suddenly father planned a family outing,
My family, his family as if those were the signals we were getting...
24 December, the day we moved on for the most amazing trip,
First time we talked with indirect instincts...
And at the Christmas night i first felt his vibes,
Our first handshake was a delightful flight...

With the exchange of numbers among the parents we began to fight,
Both had no cell phones still the treasure was infinite...
No long long talks, no whole day messaging,
Just a couple of missed calls ohh !! what a delight...
With in a year we became the best of friends,
The loneliness of my life had flew away with the entry of first and
only guy, my first best friend....

One day got to know that he liked a girl of his class,
I wasn't sad As i didn't know i was in love from the very first glance...
I had to help him because i was a friend,
Soon they were a couple for a very few days...
They broke off because it was not Love,
Just a mere crush was taken as Love...
We had a fight over the issue,
But soon it was over and we got through...

Than that day came which changed my life,
He said those three words...
I somehow refused saying that its not possible,
Parents won't agree...
My best friend was hurt,
And i lost my friendship because of this Love... :(
No talks, no messages for two long days,
It was then i realized i was so much in Love...
I couldn't resist myself and agreed the 3rd day,
My best friend was happy and we were a couple the very next day... :D

Love and friendship it was an amazing bond,
Walking miles together, long long talks , waiting for hours to see
each other from far off ends…
But I could no longer be happy with a tragic news,
He met an accident which shook us all 
as he did not open his eyes for two  long days…
Me outside, my Love inside the ICU hall,
I couldn't cry, I couldn't talk 
coz I was a mere friend in front of all… :’(

But our prayers made it fall,
Because God can’t do this to us all…
He opened his eyes and it was the most delighting time,
Though he was in a trauma, 
he couldn't see clearly through his eye…
He Cried holding my hand very tight,
Those were the words he said at that time
"I  Cannot see you Janu, Please  don’t leave me”… :’(
Tears rolled down from both our eyes,

But I was there for him all the time…
We fraught through the worse,
And once again Love was in the air and
Then after three years the day came,
He had to go for achieving his aim…
Can’t express what was happening to us both,

Oh My God !! it was scary to let him go…
We both cried, we both made each other laugh,
But he had to go and it was too hard…
Love has no limits and he proved that true,
He loved me more and I loved him too
He said to his friends that I’m his life,
And my friends knew how hard I cried…

I missed him a lot,
But what kept me strong was that he missed me too…
He was alone there with his family here,
I had to be there for him always 
because my Love was at an awkward stage…
Somehow we managed to meet twice a year,
Which was very less as compared to the previous year… :’(

I Love him so much I don’t know why,
But couldn't let him go every time I had to say bye
Why can’t I be with him? I always used to wonder,
But couldn't ask him and make him sad causing a blunder…
Then his family also moved away,
My hopes of him coming to me began to shake…

But he came to meet me,
Because it was pure pure love…
Marriage, kids everything was planned,
We lived in dreams for those amazing five years…
But his family got to know about us,
And our dreams shattered…
They were not ready,
And my Love was unhappy…
I stood by his side,
And still made him smile… 

I never pressurized for any demands,
Because I knew he loved me too…
Then it was decided if we can’t be together,
We won’t marry anyone else…
Again we were together,
 Hoping for a happy ending….

But slowly slowly things were changing, 
He was changing and I didn't realize,
Because I was so much into him that 
I couldn't see the reasons behind…
He couldn't stand his loneliness and a girl entered his life,
I didn't know this and I never realized…

We were so happy with our Love,
Then why did this happen to me and him…?
I kept loving him and he loved me too,
But he loved her and she loved him too…
I did not know about her until he confessed last year,
He was crying excepting his mistake,
And I was crying searching for my mistakes… :’(

I couldn't see him that way,
So asked him to forget what happened and smile again…
I didn't know he wanted to forget me nor her,
I had already lost him to her… :’(
Hard to believe even today,
But I Love him more as each day passes away…

I tried everything but no results at all,
He was so much into her that my Love felt small… 
I was left alone, I lost my Love, I lost my best friend,
But with his memories,  His messages of those Five years 
that I have written  in my diaries and with his pics I made my new life…

I remembered those words that he once said-
 “ I can’t see you janu,  please don’t leave me”,
I tried the same, I told him- 
“ I cannot live without U jana, Plz don’t  leave me”…
But there was no reply, no phone calls,
No messages and no missed calls…

My life was sinking,
And I had no idea how to keep myself waking…
I couldn't see him, I couldn’t hear his voice for months that passed,
And loneliness stood at my part…
I couldn't keep myself away from him,
And tried so many things to be with him…
I called him from different numbers to hear his hello,
Made different accounts to still stay in touch…
Nothing worked out as he came to know everything,
And with in a year I lived every horrible thing…

One day I got a call from him when I was at the lowest,
He was crying, apologizing and 
I was smiling and making him feel his best…
He then told me that they broke off and  
I didn't know how to react,
Whether to be happy or to to be sad…
My Love was unhappy and for a while we again became the best of friends…
With pain in his voice he confessed the most painful truth to me,
He loved her just like I loved him and
 I was shattered hearing my Love  saying this to me…

But I couldn't show my emptiness inside,
And being a best friend I assured him that I’ll make it fine…
I felt like a fool but as a best friend I had to do it,
I made him and his girlfriend understand to value there relationship
As I have  lost my everything for it…
As a result they were together again,
And I was back to my world with a severe heart break…

I never knew I could be this strong to make some girl love my life,
But Love is amazing though it hits you hard but you can’t hate the one
you Love like your life…
They still fight, they have break ups,
Because he really loved me and expects Me from her…
The tragedy of my life is,
My guy is expecting Me from someone else…
He can’t come back to me due to family pressures
 And can’t go to her because  she is not Me,

Sometimes it is so difficult to understand the reality…
I have saved my number by his name,
And I talk to myself on his name…
Whenever I want to see him I just look into the mirror,
Because he once said my eyes are his mirror…

I hug my bag And sleep at night,
Because   he used to carry it on his shoulders whenever by my side…
I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to say,
Just waiting for him and will wait till my last day…
Because   I Love him and he Loved me too,
Because   hez my life and he once said I’m his life too…

Because    I can’t see him regret all alone…
Because   I promised him I will stay by his side…
Because   Love is eternal, it can’t be defined…
Love is not about loving someone till they love You,
Its about Loving without limitation, 
expectation and Without any condition…
I Love You shona and I will there for you till the end,
Missing you more than anyone else… :’(

The End --  --


After Reading This Poem Written By Nikita I Cried And Failed to Understand  how Can Love gave her so Much pain and still managed to survive in her Heart ! Truly Nikita has defined Love "Love Is Another name Of Sacrifice"  On her anniversary, as a gift she asked me to publish this poem.. i request you too to gift her a smile by Sharing this poem. Let her know that he may have failed to understand her love but we understood it and we will make this world Understand that Its real Love.