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Why Love Fades Away With Time ?

Why Love Fades Away With Time ?
Its Just Another Similar True Love Story
That Ends With Tears :'(

In September, 2008, I had fell in love with a girl... this girl was so down to earth, fun to be with, adorable, caring, and the list goes on... let's just say it was everything I could wish for. Thankfully, she had felt the same for me, on November 5th, 2008, we officially started dating. For the next 2 years, our love developed rapidly and deeply, it had seem to us that we were married. There was nothing that we cannot tell each other, nothing that we cannot do together, I felt like I was in heaven.

Unfortunately, things had started to change, there were signs of her losing feelings...I've tried so hard to recover the lost love she had for me...but no matter how hard I tried, things would only seem to go downhill. Early July, 2010, I confronted her about the problems I've been noticing and her behavior towards me nowadays... and indeed, she had finally admitted that she had lost feelings for me. The reason? Because it's been too long. It never occured to me that being in love with someone so much, the feelings could simply dissolve because of time. We officially broke up after that conversation. 

I remember it was month of July and it was raining heavily outside i moved out with my umbrella making my heart understand the truth and the truth was, that she no longer loves me and she was no more mine, after walking a little distance i wonder how a drop of tear rolled down my eyes. i started smiling to fool myself that the tears are fake.. i am actually not sad.. i looked towards other people, everyone was happy only i was the one who was finding no reasons to smile.. i felt like a clown and the pain inside my heart erupted out in the form of tears.. this time i failed to stop them and everyone who was crossing me was looking towards me with pity.. I have let the wind blow away my umbrella and allowed the rain water to fall on my face and wash away all my tears.. I cried in rain so that my tears are drained and no one can predict that my heart is broken, no one can understand my pain....

I never blamed her for breaking up like that, because she had simply followed what her heart told her, perhaps it was something I did that made her start losing feelings. Whatever it may be, it wasn't her fault.

For the next 2 months, I still tried my best to recover her, perhaps finding a way to erupt her feelings again. I tried and tried...because I valued this relationship more than living itself. And in the end, I was rejected countless it seems as if I cannot even be her friend. It really hurts...and to this day, 1 year 4 months after breaking up, I'm still hurt...I still constantly think about her. Could someone tell me why?

When we were together for the 2 years, I felt so good, so inspired by life itself, I enjoyed everything I could possibly do/get. I had realized that without that love, I feel so empty. Whenever I listen to the music I used to listen to and do the things I used to do, I feel as though something's missing, I do not know what, but it's like I'm just a shell now. It's back to the days of life before September 2008, the days of solitude...

One of the reader of Stolen Moments has sent us a email and when i started reading it i felt as if he is narrating my story to me :'( ! He has written to stolen moments not because he wanted it to be published or because he was expecting a reply from us but because poems posted by me on the website has made him cry once again as it made him recall his lost love :'(

I have edited his story added a part of my story to it and published it for you ! Even i have not published it because i want many to like it but because i want few to dislike it as it will make few of them recall of there lost love.. as after reading it they will feel "Its My Story"

Why Every Love Story which end with Tears has few things common ? Why we forgive the one who leaves us alone with broken heart ? why we continue to love that person with every broken piece of our heart ? Why we make all possible attempts to gain that person's love back ? Why at the end we give up saying that that we really don't care if she still think of me or not ? And then why at times we again recall that person and fell hope she remembers me and all the good time we spent together :'(

Post Credits:
Letter Sent By : Dinnu Rawat.
Edited and Concluded By: Nishant Gunjan

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