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The Death Of Love

The Death Of Love
Most of the time Love Suffers And The one who plays with Heart smiles
But at times Love revenges and the one who cheat cries...

Seemed like a new life, like a fairy tale....
Just like a pearl emerging out of a shell :)

You paused my beats with that magical spell
But behind the roses were the thorns of betrayal... ;(

Your eyes shone like the sun in spring...
Now tears is what the dark clouds bring

The light of my trust was so bright...
It shone on me n took away my sight!!

U strangled my love but i didn't get to know..
Still cant believe your love was so hollow!!

In a dark coffin you threw ma heart..
Left me bleeding and you just tore apart..!!

The flowers I have are dipped in blood..
Everything is blur my eyes are in flood

Now its your turn to sit and cry..
For the pool of my blood will never leave your eye...!!

Way outta your reach..Yes,I've moved on,
Its THE DEATH OF LOVE, And SIN has its dawn...!!

Poem Written By Priyanka Bansode

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