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When Love Turns Out To Be An Illusion !

I Started Loving A Girl,
She Was My Classmate In My Chemistry Class !
O God !! I Used To Hate That Subject So Much...
But Still I used to attend the classes Everyday Just To See Her Face !

... God Knows Why ?
I Started Feeling This Way,
That She Too Keeps Searching For Me...
Real Or Fake This Feeling Was Great !
I Thought Its Right Time To Speak Out My Feelings ♥

 She Was In Blue I Was White,
With A Packet Of Chocolates and Lot of Love In My Eyes.
I went to her And Expressed My Love !
She Hit Me Hard And Called Me Flirt :'(
She Left Me Alone With Tears And Pain !

 This was My True Story,
I tried To Express It In Words !
That Day I Understood Illusion Is Part Of Love...
Friends Never Fool Your Heart Like I did
My Believe that She Too Likes Me Was My Misunderstanding :'(

M Not Sure If This Ever Happend To You ??

Most of the times when we start liking someone, We Start Getting Strong Signals That He/She Too Likes Us. If These Signals Are Fake Or Illusion then Either We End Proposing And Getting Our Heart Broken (As I Did) Or Our Love Story Ends Without Getting Complite, Because We Keep Waiting For The Other Person To propose Us :'(

"A Heart Filled With Love Is Meant To Be Loved And Not Because Someone Can Play With It And Break It :'("

True Story Of Poet - Nishant Gunjan

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