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I am Not Mad, I am In Love

I can't explain why I feel this way,
Everytime you would come my way

I always tremble, feelin nervous,
It's like I wanna fall down unconcious.

I don't know what so special about you
That made me fall in love with you.

Maybe that cute face of yours,
Your smiles and ways, yes of course

Everytime you're by my side
I'd like to stretch my hands open wide

And embrace you tight endlessly
But I can't coz you might turn away from me.

But what can I do,
If this is what I feel for you

Can you blame me, if I have fallen
Madly in LOVE with you my Darling.
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(Sometime we stop our-self from falling in love with someone.. someone who is just a friend... but we fail.. We fail because this feeling love is crazy.. if it has to happen.. it has to happen)
Everyone of us must have lived this poem at-least once in life.. but i am currently living it !!
Poem Written Lived By: Nishant Gunjan