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Oneday I Will Become Owner Of Your Heart

The day that I first saw you,
I never would have guessed,
that thinking of you and your words
would cause my heart to race in my chest.

The First time when i touched your cheeks,
with an excuse to remove a particle of cake,
I have never thought what that touch can do,
Now i keep finding excuse to hold your hand.

I know i am getting addicted to you,
and i wish to love you in hundred ways,
But i wonder how will i express my love to you,
As there are so many who likes you and i am just one of them.

If god gives me chance to ask for onething,
and assures me that my that one wish will come true,
i will not ask for Money, Fame or Power.
I love you so much that i will ask for you...... 

I Know that while reading this poem you must have thought of her,
you must have thought of those notty stupid excuse 
that you must have made just to touch her.
Many of you told me that i only publish my sad poems,
so i though of publishing few romantic once :)
Hope you liked them too...
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Poem Written By Nishant Gunjan