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Last Night I Saw Her In My Dreams

I woke up early this morning
in this bed that is so cold
Half asleep I reached for you
There was nothing there to hold

Last night I had the best dream
You had never told me goodbye
That you were not coming back
Was someone telling a cruel lie

 Smell of perfume on your pillow
I struggle to hold back the tear
The chill sweeps through my body
as reality whispers in my ear

 My love for you is not fading
Still not sure what went wrong
Lying here frozen in my bed
I refuse to believe that you're gone

I give your hug to your pillow
Wish that all is not what it seems
I would close my eyes forever
If we were together in my dreams
 The End


If She Continues to meet me In My Dream,
I will request God To let me Die.
Let My Sleep Continue for Ever,
That Death Will Be beautiful then this Life.

Written by: Nishant Gunjan