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Oneday I Will Become Owner Of Your Heart

The day that I first saw you,
I never would have guessed,
that thinking of you and your words
would cause my heart to race in my chest.

The First time when i touched your cheeks,
with an excuse to remove a particle of cake,
I have never thought what that touch can do,
Now i keep finding excuse to hold your hand.

I know i am getting addicted to you,
and i wish to love you in hundred ways,
But i wonder how will i express my love to you,
As there are so many who likes you and i am just one of them.

If god gives me chance to ask for onething,
and assures me that my that one wish will come true,
i will not ask for Money, Fame or Power.
I love you so much that i will ask for you...... 

I Know that while reading this poem you must have thought of her,
you must have thought of those notty stupid excuse 
that you must have made just to touch her.
Many of you told me that i only publish my sad poems,
so i though of publishing few romantic once :)
Hope you liked them too...
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Poem Written By Nishant Gunjan

Your Love Made Me Discover The Child Inside Me

I loved the child in Her
so innocent and sweet

The mischief in Her eyes
the blush upon Her cheek

The tender way She spoke
that showed me that She cared

The touch of Her warm hand
that gently touched my hair

The smiles that we shared
that filled my life with glee

For when I was with Her
I found the child in me...
The End

There is child in everyone,
Fall in love  to know he is there.
he will come out in front of you,
once he gets that love and care.

A Poem By: Nishant Gunjan

When Love Waves Goodbye

Just the other day
Love packed a suitcase, and said "good bye"
Love walked out of the door to my heart
This was Love's final depart
What do you do when Love waves goodbye?
Do you sit in a corner to weep, and cry?

Another one liked, is just another one gone,

My Heart keeps looking out the window to see if Love's coming back again
But is just doesn’t look like that's happenin'
Why does this always happen to me?
I have the lock, but where's the key!?
People always say to not give up in hope
But why is it that I'm always finding myself trying to cope?

Another one liked, is just another one gone,


Love comes in your life because Love likes you,
you spend good time and shares secrets of life.
Slowly distance comes in between u and love,
you fail to find that what is moving you out from love's heart.
Then that Day comes when someone else takes your place,
and you are left with a sentence that her love was fake.

What do you do when loves waves goodbye?
Do you sit in a corner to weep, and cry?


Its not Easy To Answer Any Question that is asked in This poem..
Untill you are cheated.. or left alone by your love...

Poem Written By: Nishant Gunjan

Last Night I Saw Her In My Dreams

I woke up early this morning
in this bed that is so cold
Half asleep I reached for you
There was nothing there to hold

Last night I had the best dream
You had never told me goodbye
That you were not coming back
Was someone telling a cruel lie

 Smell of perfume on your pillow
I struggle to hold back the tear
The chill sweeps through my body
as reality whispers in my ear

 My love for you is not fading
Still not sure what went wrong
Lying here frozen in my bed
I refuse to believe that you're gone

I give your hug to your pillow
Wish that all is not what it seems
I would close my eyes forever
If we were together in my dreams
 The End


If She Continues to meet me In My Dream,
I will request God To let me Die.
Let My Sleep Continue for Ever,
That Death Will Be beautiful then this Life.

Written by: Nishant Gunjan