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I Wish For You To Come !

Sleepless, dreamless, hopeless nights,
I wish for you to come.
To fill my eyes with tears of happiness,
and take away this glum.

I wish for you to put your hands around me,
and make me cozy and warm,
and fill my stomach with butterflies and bees,
that so gently swarm.

I wish for everything to be as it was,
having soft sleeps on the pillow of your arm.
and your face in front of me when i open my eyes,
so that morning becomes beautiful after every dark night.

Not again, i want my dreams to end with morning light,
not again, i want feel those wet tears in my eyes.
If my believe and my love is true,
everything will happen as i wish it should.
~ The End ~

This Love Makes us Dream And Plant False believe in Our heart, We recall good time spent with the one we loved and expect him/her to come back again in our Life !! It's Another poem not written by me but my Foolish Heart expecting those romantic days to come back again in Life :'(


  -Nishant Gunjan