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I Hate The Way I Love You

There was Someone in my life... 
Whom i used to hate because i loved her So much.. 
Love her so much knowing the fact  
that she will never become mine.. :((
She used to say that i am only her friend.. 
and her Heart beats for someone else....

In those days i have written this poem for her

I Hate The Way I Love You

I Hate The Way You Look At Me,
I Hate The Way You Stare,
I Hate It When You Make Me Smile,
I Hate The Way You Care,

I Hate The Way You Make Me Laugh,
I Hate Your Cheeky Grin,
I Hate The Way I Always Lose,
And The Fact You Always Win,



I Hate The Way I Don't Hate You,
I Hate It When I Fall,
I Hate The Fact You'll Never Love Me,
Not Even A Little Bit Not Even At All



I Hate How Much I Like You,
I Hate When You're On My Mind,
I Hate The Fact That Nothing's Happened,
But I Still Can't Leave You Behind.

The End

Yes this was not THE END of the Poem.. 
because our story was then incomplete...
After few years when she discovered my feelings, 
she has quietly moved out of my life..  

I Hate you for making me speak,
I Hate you for reading my eyes,
I Hate you with my bleeding heart,
As after discovered my Love you moved out of my Life.


Someone Has said 
"A boy and girl can never be friends"
i realized the reason behind this truth..
after my relation with her came to End
When a friend is Boy.. 
there is no next level of promotion In relationship
even if you are dedicated in friendship.
but when that friend is Girl..
there is always another space vacant above friendship in her life
and if you don't occupy it someone else will 
and that someone may make you loose your friend too.

OOps !! that may be too Much !!
but that's the Truth !!

Poet - Nishant Gunjan