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Your Smiling Face Can Make My Day !!

Please, just smile at me.
I know things will be alright.
When everything goes wrong,
Your smiles a wonderful sight.

Please, just smile at me.
I long to see that glow.
How much I really need you,
You'll probably never know.

Again, just smile at me.
It brightens up my day.
Turn and send that twinkle,
Direct it over this way.

Again, just smile at me.
My dreams come alive.
I can't describe that feeling,

Whenever you arrive.
Please, just smile at me.
Even when I say "Don't".
You tell me that I'll make it,
Even though I think I won't.

Now I know that when you smile,
You're saying "I know you can."
So, I turn to face the future,
And you smile once again

People We Love,
There Smile Can Directly Impact Our Heart.
Because our heart is the place where They Stay,
A View of there Smiling Face can Make our Day.
- Nishant Gunjan