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I Confess "You Have Changed My Life !"


I've lived my life in a chaotic world
I see the darkness as my days unfold.
The trembling of my heart I feel,
As sadness embraces me from head to heel.

And now that I've found you
Everything so right and true.
You are the sparkle in my eyes
You've filled lovin' with all my cries.

You've mastered my fears
And eradicated my tears.
My sun burns even brighter,
My life seems so much happier.

Because of you I've learned that life is no misery
Now I know love is kept for eternity.
I've searched even the deepest sea,
But there's nothing like the love you've given me

I was alone, and lost in my world,
wondering, in which direction i am going.
and one day i met you my love,
and i don't know how everything became alright..

I Confess " You have changed my life !!"

Poem Written By Nishant Gunjan