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If I Can Get Your Love Again !!

You were always there for me
always by my side
I guess I couldn't see
with out you I just can't abide

those times I loved the most
were just talking with you
who would've known
now I'm all alone
and all I can do is think of you

I loved it when you held me
all safe and warm
I felt no harm could touch me
in your strong protecting arms 

but then I messed up
I really don't know why
with you I broke up
and now I am sorry

all I want, is a second chance
I understand that's not easy to do
even if you won't give me a glance
I want you to know,
I'll always love you


I Wanted her to write this poem for me
But i know my this wish will never come true..
These unfulfilled expectations are giving me reason to live
Just waiting for her to say me "If I can get Your Love Again"

Poem Written By : Nishant Gunjan