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Love Was My Favorite Mistake

Love Was My Favorite Mistake

How do you keep a heart from breaking?
What can you really do?
How can I possibly stop myself
from falling in love with you?

I don't want to cut all ties
that would make the pain so much worse
why does this thing called love
feel like the worlds greatest curse?

It hurts me more than words can say
but I can't get enough
I think I'm more than a little addicted
and I guess that's just too tough.

I'm trying a little too hard
just to get along and get by
and I'm crying a little too much
while ending everything with a sigh.

because constantly thinking of you
makes me all the more depressed
because of all of the love that I hold
for you must be suppressed.

and I'm ready to give up and quit
but I think that I will take
my chances with this thing called love
my favorite mistake.


Hope I Don't Repeat This Mistake Again
- Nishant Gunjan (Poet)