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I Carry Your Heart With Me

I Carry Your Heart With Me

 You trusted me and gave your heart,
And I promise to keep your trust.
Your Heart is very precious to me,
For any reason I will not let it get hurt.

There were many who wanted to get it,
But you made me owner of your heart.
I was ready to pay anything,
But in return you only asked for love.

I will not let it get wet with tears,
I will take away all your pain.
With shortage of love I will not let it get dry,
I will send you gifts every day.
I will not let it beat faster with fear,
I will be there whenever you take my name.

Without your love I cannot imagine my life,
I will lose my happiness and smile.
I cannot let anyone take away your heart,
So I carry your heart with me my love......


I Love Loving You Like  This My Love - Nishant Gunjan