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Holding Your Picture In My Hand + My Story

Holding Your Picture In My Hand

Tears burning as they fall
My soul is crying for you
Melting a path to my heart
Where love still lives so true

Memories screaming in flame
Holding your picture again
Eternity has stood still
Since you left me in pain

How do I live in darkness
Without you lighting my way
Fading images haunting my life
When I turned and left that day

Hiding beneath tide of misery
Waiting to be swept away
Drowning waves of broken dreams
Never your love would I betray

Will you catch me when I fall
From my cliff of sorrow
Need your love to continue living
Without you time is borrowed..

Poem By- Nishant Gunjan


Its My Story:

The Day She Left Me I was Sure,
i will soon Find Somebody better then Her....
the Break off was perfect but still i used to wonder....
that why every where i carried her picture....

One Day when i was feeling alone....
Standing on the bus stop away from Home..
I pulled her picture out from my purse....
two drop of tear fallen from my eyes..

I said God "She was perfect for me"
God refused to listen to my Cry...
Now I am Living This Life Alone...
With Tears In My Eyes and Her Picture In My hand

- Nishant Gunjan