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You Lost Me Bcoz Of Ur Mistake

I can't take this anymore
what is the point?
every time I get close to you
you walk away and take no blame

its all your fault a feel this way
there's nothing left to do or say
i loved you with all my heart
but you just tore me apart

i have never felt this way
every about someone
i just feel like walking
and taking the gun

put it straight to my head
hopefully end up dead
but i am not letting you win
this is all just a sin

you've taken my soul
but soon again I will be whole
to love my life once more
i can now walk out the door

i'll just put you in the past
i should have known it wouldn't last
but at least now i am free
i can live life happily ...

If I say i am Happy without you... Its a Lie....
Nishant Gunjan (Poet)