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I Silently Pray To Be Blessed

Walking alone in the dark

Unknown place becoming familiar
Going around in circles
Working my way into the ground

I silently pray to be blessed
With the curse of death
So maybe I can find my light
Maybe the pain will be put to rest

As my life crumbles beneath me
I feel the cold breath of grim
Brush against my tear-stained cheeks
Soon my tainted soul will see again

As she leads me down the burning path
Her hand slowly reaches for mine
I go limp as my body fails to work
My knees buckle and I fall

My breath goes shallow
And my heart slows it's beating
No use to fight, I'm already dying
This loneliness gently lifts

My prayer was answered
So dead and soulless I lay
Grim still leading my soul
Taking me to my final grave


Still Alive.........
Nishant GunJan (Poet)