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I Failed To Find Another "YOU"

No matter what happened

Between me and you
you were always there
And showed me our love was true

I made you seem perfect
But you did hurt me before
I never told anyone
About that time you broke my heart

But no matter what you did
I always did forgive
I still believe in your loving words
That took away all my pain and hurt

Three years,five months
We were engaged
Even if i was young
For the future we could wait

So many times we lost our place
But its hard to be together
when we're miles away
So maybe it was fate

Many nights i cried
And got on my knees
Making sure God listened
That i needed you next to me

Today I still love you
More than I ever did
But I guess the love you had
For me took a scary twist

I guess U found another Love
That is near you
It hurts because you didn't say Goodbye
But i remember..
The last words you said were.. I love you..

Today I am All Alone....
Living This Life With Old memories..
Because you Found Another "Me"
But i failed to Find Another "YOU"

I am sure there is no one like you...
Nishant Gunjan (Poet)