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I Failed To Find Another "YOU"

No matter what happened

Between me and you
you were always there
And showed me our love was true

I made you seem perfect
But you did hurt me before
I never told anyone
About that time you broke my heart

But no matter what you did
I always did forgive
I still believe in your loving words
That took away all my pain and hurt

Three years,five months
We were engaged
Even if i was young
For the future we could wait

So many times we lost our place
But its hard to be together
when we're miles away
So maybe it was fate

Many nights i cried
And got on my knees
Making sure God listened
That i needed you next to me

Today I still love you
More than I ever did
But I guess the love you had
For me took a scary twist

I guess U found another Love
That is near you
It hurts because you didn't say Goodbye
But i remember..
The last words you said were.. I love you..

Today I am All Alone....
Living This Life With Old memories..
Because you Found Another "Me"
But i failed to Find Another "YOU"

I am sure there is no one like you...
Nishant Gunjan (Poet)

You Lost Me Bcoz Of Ur Mistake

I can't take this anymore
what is the point?
every time I get close to you
you walk away and take no blame

its all your fault a feel this way
there's nothing left to do or say
i loved you with all my heart
but you just tore me apart

i have never felt this way
every about someone
i just feel like walking
and taking the gun

put it straight to my head
hopefully end up dead
but i am not letting you win
this is all just a sin

you've taken my soul
but soon again I will be whole
to love my life once more
i can now walk out the door

i'll just put you in the past
i should have known it wouldn't last
but at least now i am free
i can live life happily ...

If I say i am Happy without you... Its a Lie....
Nishant Gunjan (Poet)

Your Smile Makes Me Happy =)

Wake up with a smile

say a quiet little prayer.
Give everyone a big smile
show the world you care

Friends make life a total joy
can change your entire day.
Cultivate your own happiness
chase those lousy blues away.

When I woke up this morning
the sun was shining so bright.
So much nicer than yesterday
my heart was sunny and light.

It takes so little to be happy
if that's what you truly want.
Cultivate a permanent smile
put away your selfish wants.

Don't only smile,
Because you want to smile.
But Please Also Smile,
Because Your Smile Makes Me Happy.


Your Smile Is Keeping Me Happy....
Nishant Gunjan (Poet)

I Silently Pray To Be Blessed

Walking alone in the dark

Unknown place becoming familiar
Going around in circles
Working my way into the ground

I silently pray to be blessed
With the curse of death
So maybe I can find my light
Maybe the pain will be put to rest

As my life crumbles beneath me
I feel the cold breath of grim
Brush against my tear-stained cheeks
Soon my tainted soul will see again

As she leads me down the burning path
Her hand slowly reaches for mine
I go limp as my body fails to work
My knees buckle and I fall

My breath goes shallow
And my heart slows it's beating
No use to fight, I'm already dying
This loneliness gently lifts

My prayer was answered
So dead and soulless I lay
Grim still leading my soul
Taking me to my final grave


Still Alive.........
Nishant GunJan (Poet)