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~ My Love Is My Best Friend ~

I thought about you today, And for the first time it wasn't about the past, or the lies, it wasn't about he hurt, or the tears, It wasn't about my broken heart or what I used to wish the future would be. It was about the end to all that, and the beginning of a friendship. So I don't know why people say love never ends in friendship because mine for you has ..

Can't say how I feel, Can't tell if my heart would heal, but I always knew from the start I never really had your heart. So leave me, now before I cry. The pain's too much to say GOODBYE. but Always remember each tear I shed is an I love you left unsaid.

"Its A Poem Dedicated To My Unsaid Love"

~ My Love Is My Best Friend ~

You are my world
You are worth waking up for
In my very special world
I don't want to add anymore

You are my love
Is this for real?
It seems like only a dream
But you know how I feel

You can fight shadows from my face
You make my life so happy
To my special heart you are the one
That holds the first key

Sometimes I get sad
And my life turns to gray
A few thoughts of you
And I know it will be okay

May be you wont ever know
How much you mean to me
You make me a better kid
And you always fill my heart with glee..

My love Will Stay Untold
As this Heart Fear to Loose
I am happy being your friend
I will never say "I Love You"

oem Written By

Nishant Gunjan