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If Only You Were Ever There

~~ If Only U Were Ever There ~~

Seems to be the foulest on Earth
Yet the sun skims the sky
In shadows I dwell, bound in my chains
In the silken divine, but darkened depths

Kept on descending; I don't know where I've been
How am I to know? It was too dark to see
An angel could save me
Bring me back from this despair
But there was never one there

Reached the bottom of the pit
Consumed in those brisk, black waters
Caught from each rainy afternoon
So few remembered in those chasms
So many were there, so many

Deceased lie in regiments cascading to the ground
So solemn are their vows before they reach the final stair
You're going up now? What could ever be up there?

We are standing in tomorrow's murky past
Come and laugh, Let's all laugh
Stand alone, all together now

Kept on descending and I don't know where I've been
How could I have known? It was too dark to see.
Can you save me from this overwhelming despair?
If only you were ever there !!

Please Come Before This Heart Melts....
Before i forget the meaning of Love
My Life Is Lonely Without U
Please Come and Occupy My Heart !!