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I Cant Bear This Pain Anymore

The sun can't remember how to shine
And the colors all have faded into shades of gray
There's no life in this hollow heart of mine
Ever since you went away

Close your eyes and feel me hold you
Can you lead me through this ordinary world
Let the sky cry, restless rain to wash away
the miles between us
Cause without you it's just an ordinary world.

If time could find a way to turn around
I would walk along the stars, till I was back at your door
Every word, every word is spken but without a sound
And I found out what my heart is for

Cant remember how to shine
You're the life in this hollow heart of mine
Just hold your breath cuz here I come
Drifting back to just us two
Underneath the blinding sun..


Words From The Poet

I Have Written This Poem When I felt my life is like a thin broken branch blown away by wind and hanging in a electric wire... Even if someone want to pull me out of this pain thay cannot reach me.... And even if i will be free from this pain tomorrow than some new trouble will surround me as i am a thin broken branch of a tree.. :-((