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~ Dont Revenge Me In Love ~

All i seem to think about is you, I sit here and try not to cry. Everyone is asking me why, why am I so dam depressed. I say it's nothing, but they know it's something. You are the reason!!! I love you so much, but it hurts s
o bad, to know that I can't have your tender touch.

My days n nights are so lonely,
I think I might be going crazy.
Your love is the only thing I need in this world,
and without you I'm not whole.

I hate seeing you and not being able to be with you,
I hate to see yo
u laugh,

Because I know I am hurting so deep inside.
Why should you be happy
when I can't even laugh without you
laugh turns to tears......... Why can't I get over you?

I need you in my life,
my world seems so blue.
Nothing makes me happy anymore.
You took your love away,
and I fell apart!

But it seems like you don't even care!
So why sould I?

I wish I could just forget about you,
I hurt you so now I guess you have to hurt me.

I Request You To Stay Away....
Stay Away from my Dreams and Thoughts...
Just One Thing I want To request

Please Don't Revenge Me In Love