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That's The Life That I Live...

Faking a laugh, faking a smile,
Hiding the truth behind a mask,
while my heart is breaking into pieces
with every smile that i give
That's the life that i live.....

Used to believe in fairy tales,
thinking it's a beautiful world
Then i was appalled with the truth
that this world around me holds

I tried to fool myself and hide behind my dreams
Tried to make everything as simple as it seems

But deep inside,
there were thousands of bursting tears,
with every smile that i used to give
that's the life that i live............

Ended up with a broken heart,
ended up with my life ripped apart.

Ended up left alone in the darkness, crying,
Gave up and just quit trying,
That's the Life That i live...


Its Good That U Dont Know The Truth Of Life,
Keep Smiling Till You Encounter It.
The Day You Will Face That Ugly Truth....
You Will Also Live The Life That I Live =(