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Sorry For Everything I did...

Few Lines From My Blog
Dedicated To My Friend Whom I Lost

I'm sorry for all the thing I've said,
And for the times I've done something to hurt you,

My feelings were all I cared about
Our friendship now totally changed
Really, I wish I could take it all back,

Roads now forked in opposite directions
Your trust oneday I completely lost,
Still Few words i wanted to speak out,
I am Sorry for All i Did ..

Before Your Friend Can Speak that word,
without saying reason you have escape.
no phone calls, lost all your contact,
I Was So alone without you everyday.

i know someday you will visit my blog,
just to know weather i am alive or dead.
hope then this message will reach you,
That i am sorry for everything i DID.

These Few Lines Are Dedicated To My Friend Monalisha Mishra
Who was one of my best companion, But I Lost her for some mistake that i made.