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Please Visit Me After My Death...

Please Visit Me After My Death.

When I will not be here,
When i will be gone forever,
When i will be dead,
Sit Near My Picture,
But Please Dont Cry ..

Just put Some Wild Flowers Beside me,
and look in the past to find that time.
which we spent together,
but never thought that it can end.

Smile when you recall that,
i teased you,
After watching few pimples on your face =)
Become angry on me,
when you recall about that broken promise
that i made.. to stay with you for ever =(
If my death was not planed by god
trust me i would have broken It never.

Please speak, if you will have something to say
and listen to my quIet reply
Try to understand the Unsaid Words
& Consider How Much You still Mean To Me :)

Written By:
Nishant Gunjan