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My Dreams Told Me Your Truth

Will I ever be the same again
Will I ever get past all these lies
Will I ever open my eyes
And see that you are nothing
Nothing but lies

Will I ever be able to cry again
Will I ever be able to love again
Will I ever be able to sing again
Will I ever be free again

Free of your lies
Free of your seduction
Free of your lips
Free from you and your love Again...

I Know that you played with me,
i was just a Toy for you.
One night when i went to sleep,
I Saw your truth In My dreams...

You Said "Please come close to me"
and then asked me to put my hand in your hairs
you gave me a gentle kiss
there was poison in your lips..

And when I am lieing on the floor
Screaming for air
Losing my mind
And crying out for help
You just stand there smiling

I Know My Dream Said The truth..
Please answer me "Do you enjoy my pain?"