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~ Dont Revenge Me In Love ~

All i seem to think about is you, I sit here and try not to cry. Everyone is asking me why, why am I so dam depressed. I say it's nothing, but they know it's something. You are the reason!!! I love you so much, but it hurts s
o bad, to know that I can't have your tender touch.

My days n nights are so lonely,
I think I might be going crazy.
Your love is the only thing I need in this world,
and without you I'm not whole.

I hate seeing you and not being able to be with you,
I hate to see yo
u laugh,

Because I know I am hurting so deep inside.
Why should you be happy
when I can't even laugh without you
laugh turns to tears......... Why can't I get over you?

I need you in my life,
my world seems so blue.
Nothing makes me happy anymore.
You took your love away,
and I fell apart!

But it seems like you don't even care!
So why sould I?

I wish I could just forget about you,
I hurt you so now I guess you have to hurt me.

I Request You To Stay Away....
Stay Away from my Dreams and Thoughts...
Just One Thing I want To request

Please Don't Revenge Me In Love

Am I The Only One For U

This love is strange... even if we love someone from the depth of our heart... even if we trust someone more then anyone we trusted before.... still a fear exist in heart.... "He/she will continue to love me.. but how long??" Heart is sure that it loves only her but mind ask's a question "Am I the only One in Her/His life??"

Am I The Only One For You ?

(A Poem Talking About Biggest Fear a Lover Carries)

You are my passion
A quick reaction
That makes my soul
To do that all
I was only dreaming

The world is so cold
Please hold
I need you here to make me warm
Without you how can i survive
in the world we are living

Its only trust
That can make you love me
I know its not lust
Its true
I am only in love with you

Everything i see
It feels like your sight
Everything you do
All seems so right
Everything i hear
It feels your voice
Being in your arms
It feels so nice

Its only trust
That can make you love me
I know its not lust
Its true
I am only in love with you.....


Am i the Only One for U?

Love Me For A Reason....

Don't love me for what I have,
Or the things that you think I'll receive.
Love me for who I am as a whole,
And the person that I'm struggling to be.

Don't love me for my money,
Because if you ask I will truly share.
Love me for being understanding and kind,
And for being a friend whose always there.

Don't love me because I house you,
Because I would do the same for a dog.
Love me because I have faith in you,
And for loving you most of all.

Love me for seeing the good in you,
And for helping you overcome the bad.
Don't love me because I cater to you,
And for giving you my very last.

Love me for the person I am truly,
On the inside and the out.
Don't love me because the words I love you,
Flows freely from my mouth.

~ The End ~


~ A Fool Like Me ~

~~ A Fool Like Me ~~

Why does it hurt so bad
to lose something I never had
To have these feelings and nothing to do
just sit around and wait for you
Why is it so hard to move on
knowing what we had is gone
Is there a place where happiness is
Even though there's still a fizz
In my soul when you are around
your name is a beautiful sound
Now all I can do is wonder
I lost it all in one little blunder
By not telling you how I really feel
trying to act like its no big deal.

Today when i am all alone
lost my love, everything is gone
just want to confess one truth
that i have never seen A Fool Like Me


Time Doesn't Wait..

Time Doesn't Wait..

If You Think You might Have Found The Right One,
Treasure the Person, Doesn't let that Person get Away.

Dont Let Fear Hold You Back,
Get it a Try else You might Regret !
No One Other Than our Selves know,
What can truly Make Us HapPy ..

You will keep waiting,
someone else will take away.
Why we wait for others to decide,

Its your life so Live it Your Way !!

Always remember that

"Time waits for Nobody"

That's The Life That I Live...

Faking a laugh, faking a smile,
Hiding the truth behind a mask,
while my heart is breaking into pieces
with every smile that i give
That's the life that i live.....

Used to believe in fairy tales,
thinking it's a beautiful world
Then i was appalled with the truth
that this world around me holds

I tried to fool myself and hide behind my dreams
Tried to make everything as simple as it seems

But deep inside,
there were thousands of bursting tears,
with every smile that i used to give
that's the life that i live............

Ended up with a broken heart,
ended up with my life ripped apart.

Ended up left alone in the darkness, crying,
Gave up and just quit trying,
That's the Life That i live...


Its Good That U Dont Know The Truth Of Life,
Keep Smiling Till You Encounter It.
The Day You Will Face That Ugly Truth....
You Will Also Live The Life That I Live =(

Still You Are Making Me Live...

Your memories still haunt me,
I am still not able to forget you,
Your smile, your talk,
I still remember your your stupid stories.

These memories are my hope now
Yes they are my reason
They push me forward in my life
In any kind of season

And when i feel all betrayed
I go back to the times
When everything was so well
As the early sunrise

When joy moved to my heart
Like willing to stay
But before i realized
You were walking away

Your memories still haunt me
I am still not able to forget you,
Today i want no one else
As from heart noone can replace you !!


My Dreams Told Me Your Truth

Will I ever be the same again
Will I ever get past all these lies
Will I ever open my eyes
And see that you are nothing
Nothing but lies

Will I ever be able to cry again
Will I ever be able to love again
Will I ever be able to sing again
Will I ever be free again

Free of your lies
Free of your seduction
Free of your lips
Free from you and your love Again...

I Know that you played with me,
i was just a Toy for you.
One night when i went to sleep,
I Saw your truth In My dreams...

You Said "Please come close to me"
and then asked me to put my hand in your hairs
you gave me a gentle kiss
there was poison in your lips..

And when I am lieing on the floor
Screaming for air
Losing my mind
And crying out for help
You just stand there smiling

I Know My Dream Said The truth..
Please answer me "Do you enjoy my pain?"

My Tears Are Cost Of Your Smile...

 People say life becomes beautiful when you find someone who loves you but has someone ever told you that how ugly this life becomes when the one you love moves out of it…

My Tears Are Cost Of Your Smile...

Trying to recall the last word you said,
Yes I am sure it was Not "HATE"
Still Why You Quietly went away from life,
Giving Me Hundred Reasons to cry…

Don't you think of me?
When you recall your first Kiss?
Don't you want to touch me?
As you used to do with some stupid excuse...
Don't You Feel To Call?
When you recall that for hours...
We used to speak during night.

I am sure that someone replaced me,
And he gifted you a bigger smile.
People say that love is sacrifice,
Ok then i will also not complain
But always remember that...
My tears are the cost of your smile.

Poem Written By Nishant Gunjan

Why Me ??

Sitting against the wall,
With Tears In my eyes.
Alone In The Room,
And No One There.

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Asking Questions,
Not Expecting Reply....

Why me,
Why me,
Why me?
Why There is no one to hear?

Why can't I be with the one I love?
Why can I never be happy?
Why do I go through so much stress?
Why Only Me Is In Pain ?

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Why God Want Life To Pinch me ?
why he is not offering Me Smile ?
Why He want to see my eyes Wet ?
Why Don't I directly Die =(

Stranger If you are reading my words..
Then imagine that pain which i go through..
Huhh!! How you will understand my pain ?
As These Rhyming lines is just a poem for you.

Poem Written By:
Nishant Gunjan

Please Visit Me After My Death...

Please Visit Me After My Death.

When I will not be here,
When i will be gone forever,
When i will be dead,
Sit Near My Picture,
But Please Dont Cry ..

Just put Some Wild Flowers Beside me,
and look in the past to find that time.
which we spent together,
but never thought that it can end.

Smile when you recall that,
i teased you,
After watching few pimples on your face =)
Become angry on me,
when you recall about that broken promise
that i made.. to stay with you for ever =(
If my death was not planed by god
trust me i would have broken It never.

Please speak, if you will have something to say
and listen to my quIet reply
Try to understand the Unsaid Words
& Consider How Much You still Mean To Me :)

Written By:
Nishant Gunjan

Sorry For Everything I did...

Few Lines From My Blog
Dedicated To My Friend Whom I Lost

I'm sorry for all the thing I've said,
And for the times I've done something to hurt you,

My feelings were all I cared about
Our friendship now totally changed
Really, I wish I could take it all back,

Roads now forked in opposite directions
Your trust oneday I completely lost,
Still Few words i wanted to speak out,
I am Sorry for All i Did ..

Before Your Friend Can Speak that word,
without saying reason you have escape.
no phone calls, lost all your contact,
I Was So alone without you everyday.

i know someday you will visit my blog,
just to know weather i am alive or dead.
hope then this message will reach you,
That i am sorry for everything i DID.

These Few Lines Are Dedicated To My Friend Monalisha Mishra
Who was one of my best companion, But I Lost her for some mistake that i made.

Because That Is Just Fate.........

Because That Is Just Fate.........

Every time I'm nearly over you
You show up, and ruin everything
We weren't even anything serious
Just a silly fling
But it meant something to me
You were my first kiss
You shattered my heart and stabbed my back
And I'll never forgive you for this..
How dare you take advantage of me
Just to see how far you'd get
I wish she'd never introduced us
I wish we never met
Cause then when I'd see you
I wouldn't want to puke
You make me feel so happy, then so sad
Now i feel like ill never find someone else
That, that was just a fluke
You made me so self conscious
You made me feel ugly
You made me feel like "you could do better"
but at least now i can say I'm free
I might not've caused this freedom
but it sure as hell feels great
Maybe we'll meet again one day
Maybe we wont ..
Its up to fate ...

~ ~ ~