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My Eyes Sometime Lie About Me~~

My Eyes Sometime Lie About Me

If you could only feel
Or at least see
The pain behind these smiling eyes
Where love can't be free

I'm broken without you
Life was too good before
This miserable life
Will be shut with the door

My Eyes fool You When It says
"I Am Happy"
This sunshine which you see in my eyes
Is There after A Heavy Rain.

I Want to hide my tears from this world,
I dont want people to feel sorry for them.
If Today My Eyes Are Wet,
Its Because By Trusting you I made a Mistake.

My Eyes Sometime Lie About Me,
As It Don't want to Take All The Blame.
Blame Of Making Me Unhappy,
Blame for The Mistake That My Heart Made.

A Poem By -Nishant Gunjan