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Lost You, Lost My Soul ~

~~ Losing You Was Like Losing My Soul ~~

I came to you the hour I was in pain
Looking for answers, I cried to you in vain.

I shared the many skeletons
hiding in my heart,
I knew then you'd be my friend,
I knew it from the start.

Troubles ran like rivers, flowing through my life,
You picked the pieces up and help me through my strife.

home wasn't home to me no more,
You opened up your heart, and opened up the door.

We cried into night until the early morn.
We solaced each other's pain and shared our many thorns.

As time flew, the air grew thick,
I saw our friendship fading, and my heart grew sick.

The day had arrived,
When it was time to say goodbye.
Now I sit alone,
reminiscing the past I'd blown.

Some Poems Are writen With Tears In Eyes,
And This IS One Of Those Many Poems
Nishant Gunjan