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You Hurt Me But I Wont Tell U !!

Broken Heart is the worst injury that a person can get. I am saying this because the doctor who can fix this injury is the person who has caused it :'( !! My heart bleeds but i cannot speak about this pain to her because she will never know how actually is this feeling of being cheated and left alone after loving someone for years !! Its not that  did not make an attempt to forget her, i did not try to move on but sad i failed !!

I hate Love for only one reason and that is the One who is bad in it is Winner and One who lives for it Sufferer :'( !! Thanks for visiting this page and reading words of my broken heart !

You Hurt Me But I Wont Tell U !!

It is because of You

I am the way i am :|

I Just can't let let go.. :|

Of the Things You Have Done

All i can Do

Is Try to Forget

And Go On..

Flash Backs

Remind me of You
How can i Carry On

With these Visions of You,
Stopping Me,
Just let me free from this life,

The Hurt, The Pain

You have Caused
Inside that Eats at Me

Day after Day..

[ )': ] The End  [ :'( ]