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●๋• Love Is Not Always Easy •๋

●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋

When Someone Talk About Word "LOVE"
We think about A person we like..!!

But When I Say Love It Means Love For Anyone, Anything...

Love for your Parents !!
Love for your Country !!
Love for your Job !!
Love for your Passion !!

If you are in love with any damn thing in this world....
TRUST ME!! This love not always easy !!

This Love will make you Work hard..!!
This love will make you cry !!
This love will make you lie !!
This love may ask you for your Life!!

●๋• Dare To Fall In Love
....Only If You Dare To Love !! ●๋•