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Fill The Gap Between My Finger !!

I Always Thought Why Are these gap In Between My Fingers, I used to wonder that why god has taken so much Pain :-) .... But Then One Day You Came in my life and Filled The gap which was there in between my fingers by holding my hand and made me realize that it feels so nice :) 

Today I Am Thankful to God for creating those gap
 and then to send you in my life
 to fill them and make my life worth living.

From The Time I Have Met You,
I Have Started Loving This Life.

Every time I See You,
I Cannot Avoid To Smile .

Fill The Gap Between My Finger.
And Make Me Feel Complete.

♥ ♥ ♥

I Miss You !!

I never knew how Life Could be...
So Full and of Please.
Until the day You came
Along and Changed my World for me.

Its like a Feeling I Never knew..
A feeling of True joy...

Hope That Is Why???
I MISS YOU when you are away.

So, Please Please Please I Request
You To Never Go Away !!

●๋• Love Is Not Always Easy •๋

●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋

When Someone Talk About Word "LOVE"
We think about A person we like..!!

But When I Say Love It Means Love For Anyone, Anything...

Love for your Parents !!
Love for your Country !!
Love for your Job !!
Love for your Passion !!

If you are in love with any damn thing in this world....
TRUST ME!! This love not always easy !!

This Love will make you Work hard..!!
This love will make you cry !!
This love will make you lie !!
This love may ask you for your Life!!

●๋• Dare To Fall In Love
....Only If You Dare To Love !! ●๋•

Don't Tell Me You Love Me !!

Word "Love" has lost its beauty, Because They used it for Fun :( Why people say "I Love You" When They Are Not in Love, I wonder Why people love Playing With Feelings, Why They Love Playing With Heart....

Please Don't Tell Me You Love Me If You Are Not In Love !!

Don't tell me you love me if you are not sincere
For a lie that strong can ruin my life and bring on a new fear.
Fear to be loved, fear to love ever again
It can cause my fragile heart to break, tear and bend.

Think of all in life that will be missed
because of one small broken promise
So, when I put all of my trust deep within you
Please don't tell me you love me, unless you truly do.

I Have Seen My Tears In Your Eyes!!

How Special This Life Becomes when
 You Know there Is Someone Who Care for you,
 How Special It Makes you Feel when
 you realize He/She is Upset Because you Are Not happy.
 I have Written These Few Lines 
When I Have Seen Her Crying when i was in pain....

Yes, I Have Seen My Tears In Her Eyes.

I saw my tears In Your Eyes!!
I Know that when I was In Pain you have cried!!
I Don't fear any thing in this world!!
As I know someone caring like you is there in my life!!

Thanks For Loving Me Like This :)

You Walked Away Without a Word !!

You Walked away without a word,
you neither saw nor heard
The love I tried to prove

The way my life, around you moved.
I don't know how long I cried
and wished that I had died.

And how my body ached for you,

And how you ignored my love so true.
So, I'm standing all alone again,

Wiping the tears that always begin,

Every day and every night

and every silent moment of my life ,
Whenever I think of the many ways

I was a fool for you.

I Am Still Waiting for you,
I Still find you Every where!!

Please God, Please Send back My Love...
...Just Make Me Meet My Love Once Before I Die.

Last page of my Note Book...!!

Hope you still remember your school days.. why school days ?? even now the last page of our notebook can be considered as our best friend :) ! Read this poem Written By me as i am going to narrate your friendship with that Last page !! 

Last page of my Note Book...!!

Whenever any thought came into my mind,
I wrote it on the Last page of my notebook.

Whenever the lectures were boring,
I played games, used to draw pictures
on the Last page of my notebook.

When I was angry with anyone and wanted to flood my anger,
I used the Last page of my notebook.

When I discovered I was in love with him/her,
I sheared my thoughts with the Last page of my notebook.

When I was really wrong,and I wanted to confess it to someone,
I told about it to Last page of my notebook.

When i wanted not to forget some points taught by my teacher,
i discussed it with Last page of my notebook.

Still many things Are there to be written
on the Last page of my notebook.

Good-byes R Harder Than Hello !!


Hellos are hard,

You don't know what to say,
You would look at me,
But I'd look the other way.

I blushed every time I saw you,

You talked to me every day,

You smiled, and you laughed,

But once again I looked away,

Finally one day,

You talked to me once more,

And finally I got the courage,

to say hi and not ignore.

From that point on,

We were together every day,

Until you left me,

and went far, far away.

We had to say goodbye,
They are harder than Hellos,
But after a short time,

I finally let you go.

I know it will be hard,
For both you and I,

But whenever we get lonely,

We can look up in the sky,

And I will know that God,
the Father,
Is watching over you,
And you will also know,
That he's watching me, too.

He'll bring us back together,

Before too much time has passed,

And we can be together,

Once again, Once more, at Last.

Back In The Days Of Childhood !!

Back In The Days Of My Childhood,
When Summer Seemed To Last So Long
We Would Catch Butterflies In The Woods,

Back In The Days Of My Childhood
Daisies Plucked And Linked Into Throngs
Friendship Chains Made While Singing Songs,

Back In The Days Of My Childhood
When Summer Seemed To Last So Long .. =)


You Hurt Me But I Wont Tell U !!

Broken Heart is the worst injury that a person can get. I am saying this because the doctor who can fix this injury is the person who has caused it :'( !! My heart bleeds but i cannot speak about this pain to her because she will never know how actually is this feeling of being cheated and left alone after loving someone for years !! Its not that  did not make an attempt to forget her, i did not try to move on but sad i failed !!

I hate Love for only one reason and that is the One who is bad in it is Winner and One who lives for it Sufferer :'( !! Thanks for visiting this page and reading words of my broken heart !

You Hurt Me But I Wont Tell U !!

It is because of You

I am the way i am :|

I Just can't let let go.. :|

Of the Things You Have Done

All i can Do

Is Try to Forget

And Go On..

Flash Backs

Remind me of You
How can i Carry On

With these Visions of You,
Stopping Me,
Just let me free from this life,

The Hurt, The Pain

You have Caused
Inside that Eats at Me

Day after Day..

[ )': ] The End  [ :'( ]

How Much I Love U Nobody Knows !!

Nobody knows its empty
this smile that i w
the real one is left in the past
because u have left me there...♥!!♥

Nobody knows i am crying
they wont see even my tears...
when they think that i m laughing

i still wishing you were here... ♥!!♥

Nobody knows it's painful
they think that i am strong...

they say that this won't kill me
but i wonder if they were wrong... ♥!!♥

Nobody knows i m praying
that you will change your mind...

they think that i let you go
when u left me behind... ♥!!♥

Nobody knows i miss u
they think i feel set free...

but i feel like i am bound with chains
trapeed in the mystery... ♥!!♥

Nobody knows i need u
they say that i can do it my own...

but" they dont know i am crying
"when i am aloneeeee....♥!!♥


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Poem Written By Nishant Gunjan